Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a great way to conserve energy and save on your electric bill, but many people don’t realize that they need to be cleaned in order to perform at peak efficiency. Leaves, bird poop, and airborne particles (from dirt and pollen) all have the potential to build up on your solar panels, and dirty solar panels mean power loss. Grime and debris reduce the ability of the solar array to perform at full capacity, making your solar panel system less efficient.

Dirty solar panels can…

  • Lose efficiency and lifespan
  • Reduce overall system performance
  • May cause permanent module staining
  • See a loss of return on investment
  • Affect your limited warranty

Solar panel cleaning can…

  • Ensure a maximum output
  • Maintain your warranty
  • Save you money
  • Extend the life of your investment
  • Prevent permanent module staining
  • Give you peace of mind